The Benefits Of Using UV Flatbed Printers For Your Large Signs

Posted on: 11 February 2022

Do you run a retail store or any other kind of business that needs to create a lot of signs or customer-facing materials on a regular basis? You likely already own more than one printer in your store or shop, but if you are looking to get more creative with your signs or more efficient in how you create them, there's one specific option you might want to look into, and that's the idea of investing in UV flatbed printers. Here's how reaching out to a provider of these printers can benefit your business over time.

A UV Flatbed Printer Can Handle More Than Just Paper

A flatbed printer that uses UV-based ink can really let you get creative with whatever you are printing out or creating. You don't have to print your signs on only basic paper any more. A UV-based printer can put ink down on canvas, vinyl or even cloth as well as a variety of other materials. If you want to make a sign that stands out from the crowd with unique materials or just a sign that is more durable and will hold up for longer when compared to traditional paper, look into getting a UV-based printer and talk to the provider about what types of signs you might be interested in creating going forward.

A UV-Based Printer Creates a Sign That Won't Fade Over Time

It was just mentioned that your signs can be more durable now by printing on materials like vinyl instead of paper. But a UV-based printer will also be durable in another way, and that's in the quality of the ink that you are putting down on the sign. Ink from a UV printer will not fade or crack with age, allowing you to keep the sign up for years without it looking any worse for the wear. This might be especially important if you intend on putting a sign outside your store or in a spot where it will be exposed to the elements, as UV-based ink can stand up to sunlight or even a bit of moisture without issue.

A UV Flatbed Printer Can Get Your Signs or Other Creations Printed Fast So You Can Get Back to Business

Finally, even if you don't need especially durable signs or need to be especially creative, you might want to switch to a UV-based flatbed anyway because this type of printer can get the sign created faster than what you might be used to, especially if you are using a type of material besides paper. Your employees will create their signs faster and be able to get back to work, making your entire operation more efficient. A company like DigiTech USA has more information.