4 Reasons to Dig a Borehole Using Drilling Services

Posted on: 9 July 2021

There are two choices when you want to increase your water supply. You can get connected to municipal water or dig a borehole. The first choice has limitations in distance and water quotas. But a borehole brings freedom and cost benefits in water usage. In addition, advances in drilling technology have enabled professional drilling services to dig boreholes on any surface. So why should you consider digging a borehole for water?

1. Get a Stable Water Supply 

A properly constructed borehole can last upwards of  10 years, providing fresh, clean water. If you live in an area with quotas on public water, a borehole is a reasonable investment. It is more so when there are activities that require water, e.g., dairy cow farming. 

Besides economic activities, borehole water offers freedom in residential water usage. For example, filling a swimming pool with water takes thousands of gallons. You will likely pay the penalty for drawing such large amounts from the public water system. But a borehole lets you drain and refill your pool as you see fit. 

2. Access Healthy Water 

Borehole water is rich in essential minerals like manganese, zinc, and phosphorus. Professional borehole drilling services will know where to situate the borehole to tap into natural clean underground water filtered through layers of soil and rock. The higher mineral content acts as a dietary supplement. In addition, the water is good for your skin. It does not irritate like chlorinated public water. 

3. Add Property Value 

A borehole is a long-term investment. You will recoup the costs you spend on drilling services in the long run. First, there are savings in water bills for the lifetime of the borehole. These are significant savings if you are a heavy water user. 

A borehole also bumps up your property's value, especially when you live in a water-scarce area. Potential buyers will have a stable water supply and avoid the costs of drilling a new borehole. Borehole water also becomes essential in keeping your property presentable in times of drought. Your lawn, flowers, and shrubs will thrive and maintain the curb appeal. 

4. Good for Different Property Types

Skilled well drilling services can construct a borehole suitable for different types of properties. From a borehole suitable for single-family use to a commercial-type borehole for irrigating hundreds of acres, they can ensure you get a stable water supply. 

Are you tired of relying on an unstable public water connection? Talk to water well drilling services about constructing a borehole.