Tips For Homeowners Testing For Radon

Posted on: 21 April 2021

Radon is a radioactive type of gas that has been known to show up in residential properties, especially ones with vulnerabilities around the foundation and flooring. It's a serious type of gas you don't want going undetected. So that you approach it with care and thoroughness, utilize these radon testing tips to your advantage. 

Start With an Initial Test

Before you have a radon test performed by a professional company, it's a good idea to conduct some of your own initial testing first. Then you can see if further testing is needed. There may not be radon at all, so having professional testing done would be a waste of resources. 

You can buy short-term tests online, and as long as you follow their directions, completing them shouldn't give you any trouble. Just make sure you know how to analyze their results so that you can have more thorough radon testing performed if it is absolutely necessary. Again, it might not be, and these initial tests will show either way.

Repair Your Home If Radon Levels Are High

If you have to perform long-term radon testing and the results come back showing high levels of radon, then you need to adjust various aspects of your home. This is the only way you can protect you and your family from the negative side-effects of radon exposure.

Talk to a radon expert first before you make any adjustments to your home. They can help you determine problem areas, and then it's much easier to come up with relevant solutions that actually keep radon from getting in your home in the future.

Continue Monitoring Possible Radon Gas

Radon gas isn't something you just want to stop thinking about once the right repair methods are done to keep radon away. Radon solutions can change or they may just not work out.

That won't be that big of a deal if you continue to test your home for radon every couple of years. Hire the same company to perform these tests so that you get some consistency and thus can trust the results they provide.

Radon is sometimes able to come into your home through the soil underneath your foundation, but it won't be something that goes unchecked for too long if you handle radon testing like a responsible and active homeowner. Keep these tests going and do the right things once you get back their results.