3 Reasons To Use A CBD Tincture

Posted on: 23 December 2020

CBD products are becoming more popular among today's consumers. These products can take on many forms, from high-CBD plants with low THC to edible brownies and cookies. If you are thinking of utilizing CBD to help you manage pain, anxiety, or other medical conditions, consider using a tincture.

A CBD tincture is made by soaking the leaves of a cannabis plant in alcohol, oil, or glycerin. There are a number of benefits to be had when you choose a CBD tincture over other forms of CBD delivery available on the market.

1. Tinctures Are Discreet

Although the benefits of CBD are becoming more widely recognized, you may still be nervous about using your CBD products publicly. Tinctures can offer a discreet alternative. The CBD tincture comes in a small vial and is administered using a dropper.

You simply place a few drops of the tincture beneath your tongue and wait a few minutes for the effects to begin. You will not draw attention to yourself with smoke or edibles when you opt to deliver your CBD dose via a tincture.

2. Tinctures Are Portable

Another benefit that you will enjoy when you opt to invest in a CBD tincture is the option to take your CBD dose anywhere. It can be a challenge to transport plants or edibles when you are traveling to and from work or going on vacation.

The small vial that contains a CBD tincture fits easily into your purse or pocket. You can keep your CBD with you at all times when you are using a tincture, ensuring that you always have access to the calming effects of this natural substance.

3. Tinctures Are Safe

Perhaps the most compelling reason to switch to a CBD tincture is the safety this delivery method offers. Edibles are commonly used to administer doses of CBD.

It can be difficult to maintain total control over an edible product. Family members might mistake the edible for a traditional baked treat and ingest your CBD. You may have to explain why you don't want to share with a friend when consuming a CBD edible.

Tinctures can be kept safe in a medicine cabinet or on your person to ensure the CBD they contain is never inadvertently ingested by the wrong person.

CBD tinctures are easy to use and very effective in delivering the calming effects of CBD. Consider making the switch from a plant or edible CBD to a tincture today.