2 Surprising Tips That Will Improve Your Audition Performances

Posted on: 20 August 2020

Anyone interested in acting knows that it can be challenging to land the right part. You can go to several auditions only to be left off cast lists and forgotten by directors or producers.

Making a good impression during your audition is essential if you want to be offered the part. Most aspiring actors know that being familiar with the script and researching the character are important, but there are some intangibles that can help create a memorable audition as well. 

1. Don't Overdress the Part

A lot of aspiring actors will show up at an audition dressed as the character they are hoping to portray in the production. This is a rookie move that can actually cause you to lose the respect of those sitting in on your audition. You want to dress in a way that pays respect to the ideal of your character, but not in a way that looks as though you went out and purchased a costume.

If you are auditioning for a western, wear a flannel shirt and jeans. If you are auditioning for a production set on Wall Street, wear a suit and tie.

A good way to gauge your audition outfit is to determine if you would be comfortable wearing the clothing to the grocery store. Overdressing the part draws the attention away from your acting and can really undermine the quality of your audition.

2. Focus on the Dialogue

Good scripts contain a lot of information. The scene you will be asked to perform during your audition will contain a lot of information. You need to know which information is relevant to your audition in order to create a lasting impression.

Focus on the dialogue. It's best to ignore any stage directions included in the script. Without a full cast and scenery, these directions will have no context and look awkward. You should also avoid miming any activities that your character would be engaged in during the scene. Limit your audition to the delivery of powerful, emotional, and moving dialogue if you want to improve your audition performances in the future.

Just as acting itself is an art form, there are many nuances that separate a good audition from a great one. Consider enrolling in an online audition course from experts like The Lyndon Technique to discover some specific and actionable ways that you can enhance the quality of your auditions and land more roles in the future.