Using Distilled Water With Your CPAP System

Posted on: 22 April 2020

Many people will find that they may need to use a CPAP machine if they are to avoid breathing problems while they are sleeping.  These systems can be extremely effective at relieving a variety of breathing problems. However, individuals will often overlook the need to use distilled water with these systems.

Why Do You Need To Use Distilled Water With Your CPAP Machine?

It may not seem like there will be much harm in using tap water over distilled water. Yet, this can actually be extremely damaging to the CPAP machine as tap water has minerals and sediments in it that can eventually clog the CPAP machine so that it will no longer work correctly. Distilled water will avoid this as it will be completely pure, which will eliminate the risk of minerals or sediments creating these problems.

Will It Be Difficult To Travel With Your Distilled CPAP Water?

One reason that individuals may not choose to use distilled water is that they may be traveling with their system. This can lead to them wanting to avoid the need to carry a gallon jug of distilled water with them. Yet, CPAP distilled water can also come in smaller travel containers. These containers can be an ideal solution for individuals that need to bring their CPAP machine with them when they are traveling. When you are calculating how many of these bottles to bring with you, it is advisable to always bring at least a couple of extra. This will protect you from instances of accidentally spilled this water when trying to put it in the system.

Is It Inconvenient To Buy Distilled CPAP Water?

While patients may appreciate the need to use distilled water with their CPAP system, they may assume that it will be difficult for them to order it. In reality, there are many providers of CPAP distilled water that can make it easy for patients to stay supplied. For example, some of these services will provide regular deliveries of CPAP distilled water so that you can avoid the need to manually place the order for it each time that you run low. If you were to run out or otherwise find yourself without enough distilled water, these providers can offer rush delivery. Depending on where you are located, this may allow for you to get more of this water the same day. While a rush delivery will cost more, it can prevent a patient from suffering the health complications that a night without their CPAP machine could cause.