Skills That You'll Need To Get Temp Work As A Caddy

Posted on: 22 October 2019

If you're interested in temp work, it's a smart idea to be aware of what seasonal needs different organizations have in your area. Summertime can be a good opportunity to get temp work at a variety of different companies. For example, golf courses often require seasonal temp work in roles such as landscaping and in the kitchen. In addition to these positions, your local golf course may also look to hire some caddies for the summer. Working as a caddy can be an enjoyable way to make money during the summer, but if this is something that you're interested in, you'll want to have these skills to help you succeed.

Golf Knowledge

Perhaps more than anything, you'll need to be able to demonstrate some knowledge about golf when you're interviewed to work as a caddy. Golfers who arrange to have you caddy for them won't necessarily be asking your feedback about each shot, but they will expect you to understand the game. For example, as you approach the green, you'll need to ask which wedge the golfer wants — and then be able to quickly retrieve it in the bag. You'll also need to have an understanding of golf etiquette so that you don't do something that embarrasses the golfer.

Physical Fitness

Many temp jobs require a certain amount of physical fitness, and this is true of working as a caddy. In some cases, you might be driving your golfer around in a golf cart. However, other people may prefer to walk, which means that you'll be walking behind them for the round. A round of golf involves hours of walking and standing, and you need to be able to move at a pace that is consistent with the golfer. A certain standard of physical fitness will be necessary to allow you to do the job properly. No golfer wants to be slowed down because his or her caddy has trouble maintaining the pace.

Outgoing Personality

It's important for caddies to have outgoing personalities, too. Even though you'll spend much of the round being quiet, you want to be cheerful and pleasant when you meet the golfer. Some golfers enjoy talking to their caddies throughout the round, so an upbeat personality will help you to succeed in this regard. You can't demonstrate your personality on a resume, but this attribute should come across during the interview — and it may be pivotal to you getting the job.

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