Using Fire Blast Explosion Doors To Keep Your Business Safe

Posted on: 17 June 2019

There are many industrial businesses that will be at a relatively high risk of suffering significant fire damage or explosions on the property. Failing to protect the property and persons that may be at the businesses during these situations can increase the risk of lawsuits and penalties arising.

Appreciate That Fire Doors Are Not Always Rated Against Explosions Or impacts

Fire doors can help to save those inside the building by limiting the speed at which the fire will race through the building's interior. Unfortunately, business owners often fail to consider the threat of explosions when choosing these doors. If your businesses have equipment that is under high pressure or that use volatile fuels, exposure to the heat from a fire can lead to a rapid and extremely dangerous explosion. When these businesses fail to invest in fire doors that can also withstand explosions, they may find that they are still somewhat vulnerable.

Proper Installation Is Essential For These Doors To Function Correctly

In order to be able to withstand the force of the explosions, these doors will have to be properly anchored and secured. Otherwise, the force of the impacts they felt would force them back. Business owners will often want to avoid any unnecessary costs, but this drive should not lead towards attempting an amateurish installation of the fire blast explosion barrier doors. If these doors are not perfectly installed, they will provide very little benefit as there will be gaps that can allow the flames and shockwave to travel through.

The Fire Blast Door System System Should Be Periodically Tested

Many businesses will utilize automatic fire blast explosion barriers. These doors will be easy to close when there is a crisis. Unfortunately, if the doors have not been tested for a long period of time, there are likely some issues with them that should be repaired. For example, dust in the automatic door opener and closer can completely prevent the alarm from working. Once every few months, a full test of the fire blast doors should be conducted. During one of these tests, the opening and closing system of the door should be tested to make sure that they are working as intended. If you notice that these doors are taking longer to fully close or that there are small spaced developing between them, a professional repair service should be immediately contacted. Otherwise, your fire blast doors may not be as reliable or effective as you had hoped the next time that you need them.