Three Types Of Quivers To Consider For Your Archery Pastime

Posted on: 9 December 2018

If you're getting into the sport of archery and will be practicing a lot, you certainly need a way to carry your arrows. While you can keep them on a table next to you at a range, or even in a makeshift practice area on your property, space permitting, your best bet is to buy a quiver. Investing in a quiver gives you a professional way to carry your arrows, allowing for mobility and easy access whenever you need to grab one. When you shop for quivers, one of the first things that you'll notice is that there are many different types to consider. Here are three types of quivers that might be suitable for you.

Shoulder Quiver

A common type of quiver that you can find at any outdoor sporting goods store is a shoulder quiver. This quiver goes over one or both shoulders, and typically spans diagonally across your back. It's ideal because the strength of your shoulders allows you to carry your arrows for long periods of time without them starting to feel heavy. While the arrows in a shoulder quiver are fairly quick to retrieve, you may find that they're a little difficult to grab if you lack shoulder dexterity.

Waist Quiver

Another popular type of quiver for archery enthusiasts is the waist quiver. This quiver hangs from a special belt that you wear, and is positioned to the outside of either leg. Sometimes, these quivers will have additional straps to allow you to secure them to your leg, although many waist quivers are designed to simply hang free. This quiver is ideal because your arrows are always close at hand. Just a split second after firing an arrow, your empty hand can be grabbing an arrow and bringing it up to your bow.

Bow Quiver

Yet another type of quiver that is popular among archery enthusiasts is a quiver that mounts to your bow. Typically, this type of quiver holds your spare arrows vertically in a bracket that is directly mounted to the bow. If you decide to use a bow quiver, you'll appreciate that your arrows are extremely quick and easy to retrieve, compared to being positioned somewhere on your body. You may also be aware that bow quivers don't generally hold as many arrows as shoulder and waist quivers, and the added weight to your bow might take a little bit of time to get used to.

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