How To Help Your Clients Lose Weight

Posted on: 5 September 2018

If you work in the health and wellness industry and are specializing in weight loss, then you want to make sure that you have all of the tools necessary to help your clients meet their weight loss goals. From scales to diet plans, this article will list a few things that every personal trainer should have to get started in the industry. Read on to learn a little bit more.

Floor Scale

The first thing you should do when you're meeting with new clients is to weigh them, but if you have a scale that doesn't work properly, then things can instantly turn sour. To make sure that your scale is functioning properly, make sure that it's an NTEP-approved floor scale, which means that it's part of the nonprofit corporation National Type Evaluation Program which monitors the quality of the scales. The great thing about having a high-quality floor scale is that you can have your clients use it every couple of weeks to help monitor their progress. 

Exercise Plan

You don't need to have your own personal gym in order to be a successful personal trainer; in fact, a lot of local gyms will let you pay a small fee to train your clients at their facility. Another thing that you can do is to just use body weight and HIIT training to train your clients. These types of exercises don't require any equipment, but you will need some space to do them in. As long as you have a space, then you can create customized exercise plans for each and every one of your clients to help them achieve their max goals. 

Diet Plan

Before you start getting clients, try to create a diet plan that focuses on lean protein and healthy fats that you can distribute to most of your clients. Although you may have to cater your diet plant toward different clients based on their medical needs and weight loss goals, having a plan in place will be a great base for you to work off of. 

Personal training is a great industry that isn't showing any indication of dying down because health and fitness are more popular than ever. Make sure that you use the tips listed in this article to ensure that your clients get the best treatment that's possible. To learn more about personal training tips or to receive some guidance, reach out to other personal trainers for some tips on how to get things started.