Six Ways To Be A Good Fireworks Neighbor

Posted on: 28 December 2016

Fireworks aren't just for the Fourth of July anymore -- they're welcome additions to New Year's Eve celebrations, weddings, birthday and anniversary parties, and other celebratory occasions. to ensure a safe, fun celebration that doesn't earn the ire of your neighbors, follow the six safety and courtesy strategies listed below. 

Appoint a 'Person in Charge'

Instead of simply offering a pile of fireworks to party guests and having a free-for-all, point a specific person to be in charge of all fireworks activities. This person should oversee all aspects of fireworks safety at your event from start to finish. You may or may to decide to allow other guests to light the fuses, but if you do, the person in charge should nonetheless oversee the procedure and should be responsible for ensuring that all fireworks are completely out after being lit. Anyone lighting a fireworks fuse should be wearing safety glasses. Responsible party hosts accomplish this by dropping fireworks into a small container of water set. Guests should never be allowed to remove fireworks from their designated area. 

Keep it Legal 

Some fireworks state on the wrapper that they are not to be used by those under the age of 18. Carefully adhering to this law helps protect party hosts in the off chance that mishaps occur when fireworks are lit. Younger attendees should enjoy the fireworks from a safe distance. 

Keep Fluffy and Fido Indoors 

Your furry friends probably won't appreciate the fireworks show to nearly the same extent as your human guests. In fact, animals often become frightened and run away when fireworks or a part of the picture. Choose a cool, quiet room for your pets, place them in there with food, their favorite toys and blankets, and shut them in until the party is over. Make sure guests know that your animal friends are not to be disturbed -- you don't want the festivities ending on a broken-hearted note.

Be Mindful of Your Neighbors

If at all possible, let your neighbors know in advance that you're planning a fireworks show on your property. Giving them an approximate time allows to them to plan to enjoy the show if they want, although others may choose to schedule plans to be away from home instead. You should also keep in mind that your neighbors may have pets of their own that could be spooked by fireworks, so it's only courteous to let them know in advance. Never point fireworks in the direction of neighbor's homes, vehicles, or other property. 

Keep it Short and Sweet

Your fireworks show should only last about a half an hour. Planning a designated time frame and sticking to it ensures that you designated 'person in charge' doesn't feel overburdened by having to be on fireworks duty for the duration of your celebration, and it also ensures that any disruption to your neighborhood is minimal. The sounds of stray fireworks after the party is over aren't welcome in most neighborhoods, especially if it's well after dark and many people are sleeping. 

Hose the Area Down Afterward

Even though you've undoubtedly been diligent about following all normal fireworks precautions, it's always wise to err on the side of caution and provide one last layer of protection by hosing down the party area to put out any possible stray embers that may exist. Don't neglect the roof of your home -- that's where many fireworks-related home fires start. 

By being a good fireworks neighbor, you'll pave the way to future fun with fireworks during celebratory events you're hosting in your home. Please feel free to contact the online fireworks store for more tips and tricks designed to optimize fireworks safety during private, home-based festivities. Contact an online fireworks store for more information.