Talk To Your Janitorial Service To Help Your Employees

Posted on: 29 June 2016

Keeping your business clean is important. It helps to make a good impression on your clients. A clean workspace can also help to keep your employees productive. Cluttered workplaces can make it hard for employees to find what they need to work and can make the employees feel chaotic as well. So having a good janitorial service is a good thing. However, keeping your office clean and having a good janitorial service may also cause some employees or even clients problems. 

Fragrance Allergies

Some people have problems with fragrances. Some fragrances can cause those people to have migraines or asthma attacks. The problem is that some of the cleaning products that your janitorial service might use may have those fragrances. For some people, even a minute trace can cause headaches or asthma attacks. One way to avoid that is to talk to your janitorial service and ask if they can use cleaning products that are fragrance-free. An option is to just use those cleaners in areas that the particular employee uses and then using regular cleaners in the rest of the office or building. However, it is generally easier for the cleaning service to only use one kind of product. 

Chemical Sensitivities

Another issue that may pop up is that you may have employees that have sensitivities or allergies to certain compounds in cleaners. They can break out in hives, have rashes, or end up with other skin problems. Your employee may take some time to pinpoint what the problem is, since they may only have problems on days after the cleaning services have been through. However, with some time spent eliminating all possible causes, your employee can tell you what the problem is. The janitorial service you use should be able to use hypoallergenic products or to have access to non-toxic, organic, or green cleaning products. All those products are much more likely to not cause a problem for employees with chemical sensitivities. 

You want to make sure that your business is nice and clean. You want to make sure that new clients will want to keep coming back to your office. You also want to make sure that your employees have a workspace that they can use without risk of getting sick because of chemical sensitivities and fragrance allergies. The right janitorial service will be able to work with you to come up with a solution that is right for everyone. Contact a business, such as Performance Plus, for more information.