3 Tips That Will Help Improve The Service You Get From Your Security Guards

Posted on: 3 June 2016

If you feel like the relationship between your business and the security guards you contract to protect your business is not quite right, you can easily improve upon that relationship so both you and the security guards are getting what you both want. Here are a few tips that will help you improve the services you get from your security guards and your relationship. 

Sit In On Some Training Sessions

Talk to the company that contracts your security guards and learn more about their training process. Ask to sit in and see what type of training the security company puts their guards through. This will help you better understand your security guards training and the way that they are approaching protecting your business. You will learn some of the vernacular that they use, which should assist you in communicating more effectively with the security guards assigned to your business. 

Ask For Site Specific Training

If after sitting in on the training process provided by your security contractor, you feel there are gaps in the training provided and what you need, talk with your security contractor about providing site specific training for the guards that protect your business. 

Work with your security contractor to go over the specific and unique security concerns that arise at your business. Develop a strategy together on how you would like the security guards to respond to the types of situations that may arise at your business. This will help you and the security guards get on the same page as regards to the culture and tone you want your business to set. 

Once you have developed a training strategy, have all the guards that work at your store undertake this training. If possible, try to provide some time to your security contractor so the training can take place at your business. That will allow your security guards to get more practical, hands on training and practice. 

Develop A Strong Supervision & Review System

Sometimes issues arise between security guard contractors and businesses because of supervision concerns. If you feel like your security guards need more supervision or more feedback from your security contractor, schedule a time to sit down with your security contractor to develop a more effective supervision and review system for your business and the guards who work there.

The most common options are generally random spot checks, which are performed by supervisors who drop in. The next option is a check-in system, where the guards are required to check in either on site with a supervisor within your company or via phone or internet directly with the security contractor. Third, some security companies utilize guard tracking software that equips their guards with GPS so their locations can be seen in real time and so that guards can input reports in real time as well. 

Strengthen the relationship between your business and the guards who protect it by learning more about their training process, creating a personalized training session for your business, and developing a supervision and check-in system that increases accountability and safety. For more tips, contact a company like Intellex Security.