Relocating? Reduce Moving Stress By Remembering These Forgotten Details

Posted on: 10 September 2014

When you take on a position with a company, you most likely want to eventually move up in ranks and pay. While promotions are common in many businesses, relocating to another state or country may be imperative for your new position. Of course, this move can be stressful for you and your family. From selling a home and finding a new place to transferring schools for your children, relocating is obviously overwhelming. Although stressful, remembering a few commonly forgotten details will ensure a comfortable and worry-free relocation.

Collect and Store Unfamiliar Documents

Social security cards and a driver's license are obvious documents that you must have when moving. Unfortunately, most people do not place much time and effort into other important records. Before your move, be sure to collect these forgotten documents:

  • Birth Certificates – You should have a copy of each family member's birth certificate. If not, contact the appropriate birth county and have a copy mailed directly to your home before the move.
  • Medical and Dental Records – While many doctor and dentist offices will fax or email records to your new medical providers, having records on hand early is important in case of emergencies. Be sure to include the family pet. Contact the veterinarian for their health records
  • School Records – Be sure each of your children has a record from their school. This will not only have a detailed list of vaccinations, but also grades and test scores to help with placement at their new school.
  • Passports – While not a common document for medical or school purposes, your passport is an imperative document for travel. Be sure to carry your passport in a carry-on bag or purse if relocating out of the country. If moving within the country, store your passport with a copy of your birth certificate. 

Store documents in a transportable safe or organize in a filing box with labels for easy access.

Find Hidden Treasures

Millions of people hide valuables in secret areas in and around their home. While not clearly visible, these hidden valuables or secretes are commonly forgotten. The attic if s common area to store gifts, collectibles, and family heirlooms. Spend extra time in your attic and basement to look at and through every nook, and cranny. If you forget valuables, the new residents take legal right of the items

Run Errands One Last Time

You may have weekly errands that are common in your household. When you move, these errands must also move. Before relocating for your new position and begin living in a new area, ensure you do not leave anything behind by running these common errands:

  • Dry Cleaners – You can end up leaving favorite outfits, expensive suits, or elaborate linens at your dry cleaner. Visit your regular dry cleaner before you move to make sure nothing is left.
  • Post Office – If you utilize a Post Office Box, be sure to check it one last time. This errand is also the perfect time to update your address and forward any mail.
  • Library – Bring all checked-out books back to the library. Even if you did not finish them, you must return them in person to avoid shipping costs or late fees.
  • Movie Rentals – While video and DVD rental stores are not common, return movies and games to rental kiosks before your move.

Remember your Memberships

When relocating to a different city, state, or country, you will lose access to local clubs. Continuing these memberships is possible, but you do not have to pay for memberships you are unable to use.

If you are a member of a gym or discount club, cancel these before you move. If you or your children take classes in dance, martial arts, exercise, art, or sports, avoid fees by canceling as soon as possible. 

Forgetting a few things is normal when relocating for an exciting new position. However, using this list of forgotten details will help you avoid relocation stress. Then, you can enjoy the excitement of a new home and job. Continue reading more about moving.