Home Improvement Projects Made Simple

Posted on: 5 June 2014

Home improvement projects challenge the skill and ingenuity of weekend DIY warriors. Often, the scope of a project is limited primarily by the tools a home improver has on hand. Specialized tools are frequently required for renovation, building, and remodeling. These items come with a hefty price tag that puts them well out of reach of people who may only need to use them on a single occasion. Equipment rentals provide a reasonable solution to this common conflict.

Rental services put you in touch with high quality equipment that makes it possible to execute many ambitious and useful projects around the home and yard. Not only do you get to preview the equipment, the easy rental and return policies make it simple to complete a project on your own timetable.

Repairing a Cement Driveway

Cement is a preferred material for driveway construction. It looks great and is competitively priced compared to the fluctuating cost of asphalt. As durable as cement is, it can crack over the years and has to be repaired. Cement-based crack repair products can be easily used to fill small and large cracks, chips, and divots. Resealing product can then be applied to the surface for a professional looking finish.

Properly repairing and resealing a cement driveway requires using a power washer to remove dirt from the existing surface. Depending on how much material you need to mix, you may require a cement mixer. Both of these items can be found at equipment rental agencies. Just tell the associate what job you are working on and they will direct you to the correct model for the task.

Home Decorating

Safely adding lights and decorations to tall trees and upper levels of the house can be accomplished with the help of electric scissor lifts. These compact vehicles telescope upward and allow users to easily access vertical spaces.

Most scissor lifts require at least two people for safe operation. All four wheels should be on even, level ground before the lift is engaged. The rental agency can provide some basic safety instruction. However, if your property is not an ideal setting for scissor lift use, you should explore other options for holiday decorations. Equipment rental agencies typically have a range of ladders available. These might be more suited for the spaces you wish to decorate.

Scissor lifts can also be used to install security lights on upper levels of a home. Roofing repair, rain gutter installation, and rain gutter cleaning are other tasks that are made simple with the help of a power lift.

Installing a Fence

Residential property can be given a significant value boost through the addition of a fence. Though each fence type has its own particular installation process, you can expect to use a post hole-digger in any case.

The fence line must first be created using stakes and twine. As a general rule, fence posts should be placed every eight feet. However, this can vary depending on whether you are installing a component fence or a fence with pre-built panel elements. Mark post placement along the fence line. A power auger can be used to bore out post holes of the correct depth. Spades and manual post hole-diggers can be used near house foundations, garages, sheds, and trees.

Other fence building equipment that can also be rented includes:

  • Power drills
  • Nail guns
  • Laser levels
  • Small earth movers
  • Power saws and saw horses

Equipment rental agencies make it possible to complete a wide range of home improvement projects without having to invest in a lot of tools that you may only need once. Renting major pieces of equipment on an as-needed basis saves money and reduces clutter. The many rental options available make it possible to finish even the toughest projects with ease.

It only takes one click for more info to be at your fingertips, so be sure to learn more about equipment rentals today.